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Transformers Beast Wars Terrorsaur

Function: Aerial Combat
Alt mode: Pterodactyl

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The following text is an excerpt from the official Beast Wars Story Bible, written by Bob Forward and Larry DiTillio. It's from a draft of Dec. 1995, before the first show aired...


Name: TERRORSAUR, Aerial Combat and Reconnaissance

Beast Form: Pterodactyl (Flyer)

Robotic Form: Red and Black Humanoid

Weaponry: Missile Launchers (Wing Mounted), Plasma Rifle (hand-held), Heat Beam (Eyes) Sonic Flight BackBlast

Skills: Flight, Cunning, Aerial Combat, UltraScan (long distance scanning), Computer

Interests/Hobbies: Terrorsaurs' hobby is planning ways to unseat Megatron.

Attitude: Terrorsaur firmly believes he was shortchanged when Megatron took command of the Predacons. His power is far greater, he is more clever, he truly should rule. None of this is true of course, but he believes it. He also believes Megatron will slaughter him if he says it, so he doesn't. He is a classic case, a bully who is in reality a coward.

Terrorsaur broods a lot and complains a lot and when he's not doing that he wheels and deals with the other Predacons, hoping to convince them to support his bid for leadership. You might think of him as a leathery Peter Lorre, toadying up to Megatron when he must, backstabbing him when he can.

He is most confident in himself when airborne, mainly because from the air he doesn't have to face anyone directly. He is much happier strafing foes than trading blows.

Do not sell Terrorsaur short however. He is a powerful aerial combatant and cunning enough to turn the slightest mistake into an advantage. He is quite large for a flyer and can work up a tremendous speed if given enough room. At supersonic speeds, his low-altitude flight can rip up jungles with the backblast.

He does not hate DinoBot as much as Megatron does (Indeed the defection gives him hope that Megatron can be defied) but tries to bring him down whenever possible to curry favor.


Megatron rules now, but one day Terrorsaur will change that. He is obsessed with this notion.

Scorponok is a maniac and a fool and were Megatron not protecting him Terrorsaur would take care of him permanently.

Waspinator is also a fool but as he is the only other Flyer in the group, Terrorsaur feigns friendship for him.

Tarantulas worries him and scares him.

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