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Transformers Generation 1 Doubledealer (Powermaster) with Knok and Skar

Function: Mercenary
Motto: The price of victory is never too high.

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Doubledealer (Powermaster) with Knok and Skar:

Profile, Abilities and Weaknesses description is from the "More Than Meets The Eye" series published by Dreamwave comics, a publisher where Doubledealer never appeared!

BIO: Loyalty, in Doubledealer's opinion. is a commodity that is earned not by respect or even trust, but by money. Energon, precious metals, valuable technology -soldier of fortune Doubledealer accepts them all in exchange for his services. He spent a considerable amount of money and research time to create two distinct modes for himself to use when selling his services: Autobots see his robot form, while the Decepticons get a falcon-like creature. High-level military intelligence officials on both sides suspect Doubledealer's backs stabbing and deception but his skills are so useful that they can't afford to stop utilizing his services. Although he hides it from his partners and employers. Doubledealer is absolutely traitorous and untrustworthy in all things.

Doubledealer has handpicked Transformers to act as Powermaster partners for each of his modes: Knok is a devout but money-hungry Autobot, while Skar is a faithful Decepticon. Neither partner is aware of the other, since Doubledealer has them stationed in separate business offices and never hints to either about his double life. He does this to make sure that neither of them can reveal his true nature if interrogated.

WEAPONS/ABILITIES: Subject is an expert at infiltration, espionage, demolitions, and most infantry tactics. Subject was redesigned to have three separate modes. When working with Powermaster partner Knok, he can transform into a robot form. When interfacing with Powermaster Skar, Subject transforms into a falcon. Both modes share the same alternate mode, a truck armed with inter-continental ballistic missiles. Each missile can travel 3,000 miles in 3.6 breems and has enough explosive force to level a mountain. In robot mode, he's armed with a solid light blaster that turns photons into a stream of concussive energy. He possesses great strength, endurance, and intelligence.

WEAKNESSES: Subject's vehicle mode is not particularly fast or maneuverable.

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