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Decepticon Doubledealer doesn't really care whom he works for, as long as they can pay his fee. And pay they do. The amount of firepower he carries more than makes up for the fact that he's totally untrustworthy. He carries enough explosive power with him to shatter mountains to dust, and for that both the Autobots and the Decepticons are willing to pay dearly, handing over crates full of Energon chips in exchange for a single battle's worth of services.

This Decepticon warrior is a 3-in-1 changer and he's out to make triple trouble for any Autobot or Decepticon that gets in his way! Convert him from robot mode to tank mode when the battle calls for some major firepower. But he can take the fight to the skies when you convert him to jet mode! He'll pummel any enemy with his launching missile whether he's in jet or tank mode. Keep converting him from one mode to another so his enemies can't keep up with him!

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