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Transformers Generation 1 Slamdance (Grand Slam & Raindance)

Function: Intelligence Coordinator
Motto: Information is only as accurate as the being who gathers it.

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Profile, Abilities and Weaknesses description is from The Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye, published by Dreamwave Comics.

BIO: The unified form of Grand Slam and Raindance was designed to make up for the awkwardness of the duo's individual robot forms. Slamdance's personality is a combination of the two's traits; he is both stuffy and vainglorious, but he's an expert at gathering and coordinating news and data. Slamdance takes great pride in his work, but his self-importance makes him want to announce everything personally; he'll stand up in the middle of his commander's briefings in order to make sure his message is relayed "correctly," meaning by him. Despite his quirks, Slamdance is absolutely dedicated to the Autobot cause and works hard to make sure their information is correct and unbiased.

WEAPONS/ABILITIES: Subject is the combined form [See Combiners] of Grand Slam and Raindance. He is extremely intelligent He is a highly skilled journalist, and he's able to disseminate myriad streams of information to ascertain common threads and meanings. Subject has a talent for knowing when information is doctored or incorrect. He possesses all of his components' armaments, including Grand Slam's entirely defensive arsenal and Raindance's proton missile launchers.

WEAKNESSES: Subject has only average strength and is' not a very sturdy warrior.


Function: Audio Correspondent
(red tank component with autonomous personality)

"The sounds of war are history speaking."

BIO: Long ago, Grand Slam supported neither side in the war that divided Cybertron between Autobots and Decepticons. He was a news correspondent from the old school, devoted to maintaining his journalistic integrity and impartiality. Grand Slam had covered conflicts on over a hundred worlds, always sending his message back to Cybertron in a fair and unbiased fashion. When the Autobot/Decepticon conflict began heating up, he returned to Cybertron to cover the story. He was offered unprecedented access by the Decepticon army, who hoped to use Grand Slam's respected media status to bolster their image through propaganda. When the stoic and honest Grand Slam insisted on telling the whole story, including tales of Decepticon atrocities and war crimes, the Decepticons resorted to torturing and imprisoning him. Grand Slam was rescued by an Autobot commando squad, and was eventually won over to the cause because of their genuine concern for the innocent and helpless. He has since dedicated himself to recording the grim reality of war. from the eerie stillness before a battle to the horrifying screams of the wounded afterward. hoping that it will serve as a warning to future generations across the galaxy about the true cost of war.

WEAPONS/ABILITIES: Subject is a skilled journalist. in tank mode, possesses above-average strength and wields two repulsors that repel everything from shrapnel to Transformers. He's also capable of discharging a smokescreen. Subject can record and access up to .241 vorns worth of continuous audio material. He combines with partner Raindance to form Slamdance.

WEAKNESSES All of Subject's armaments are completely defensive and thus ineffective for attack He is stubborn and will sometimes put himself at great risk to gel all the facts for a story.


Function: Video Correspondent
(blue jet component with autonomous personality.)

"Every picture tells a story."

BIO: Raindance is a flashy and talkative Autobot who wants to use his position as a video reporter to make himself an intergalactic star of the Autobot/Decepticon war. He's constantly irritated that he can't be in the shots he takes of whatever story he's covering. His partner Grand Slam is greatly agitated by Raindance's lack of objectivity and by his willingness to interfere in battle when covering stories, while Raindance is frustrated by the elder reporter's strict code of journalistic ethics. Despite his thrill-seeking and self-glorifying tendencies, Raindance is a dedicated documenter who will take any risk to record the best images of an event. He's glib, funny, and popular, with thousands of stories to tell about all the exciting battles he has covered. Grand Slam just wishes Raindance would stop looking at war as a vehicle for stardom and start treating it with more dignity.

WEAPONS/ABILITIES: Subject has above-average intelligence and an exceptional skill at photography and cinematography. In jet mode, he's got excellent maneuverability and can reach speeds of 300 mph for 150 miles. He is also equipped with antigravity projectors that allow him to hover. He's armed with two air-to-air proton missiles, which are ostensibly only for self-defense. He's capable of recording up to .24 vorns of images. He combines with Grand Slam to form Slamdance.

WEAKNESSES Subject's jet mode is awkward to use in normal circumstances and has very low strength.

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