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Transformers Generation 1 Ratbat and Frenzy

Function: Fuel Scout / Warrior
Motto: "The road is my dinner plate." / "Sow panic and surrender will bloom."
Alt mode: Cassete Tapes

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Profile: Ratbat has no friends, only business partners. His sole allegiance is to himself. The other Decepticons are aware of this, but cooperate with and tolerate Ratbat because of his vital and unique talent for locating fuel resources. So much do they value his services that they are willing to overlook his behavioral extremes. Ratbat prefers to refuel himself by plunging his mecha-fangs into the grime-free gas lines of brand-new cars; the better made the car, the better its gas tastes to him. This usually destroys the cars. Although many of the other Decepticons find this practice wasteful and disgusting, they are more than willing to help Ratbat indulge in his horrible habit by procuring cars for him. Besides, they know if Ratbat can't satisfy his fuel lust In that way, he might select one of them. And given his importance, they are likely to let him.

Abilities: In his bat mode, Ratbat's wings act as chemical sensors that enable him to locate and distinguish between fuels. They are able to detect the slightest trace of a fuel- their sensitivity records molecular concentrations as low as one part per quadrillion in the air. Within his mouth are retractable mecha-fangs that can puncture all but the strongest materials. He uses them to refuel himself. Micro-chemical processors within the fangs convert most fossil and alcohol-based fuels into a form he can metabolize. As a bat, he can assume the size of a normal bat with about a one-foot wingspan, or a larger version with a ten-foot wingspan. In either size, he has a maximum speed of 65 mph and a range of 200 miles. He is extremely maneuverable.

Weaknesses: Ratbat's wings are his most vulnerable part. They offer little resistance to artillery fire.



Profile: With a fervor bordering on insanity, Frenzy plunges into conflict holding back not one molecule of his mechanical being. If it were necessary for him to breath, war would be his oxygen.   His lust for destruction knows no cause, no purpose -it only craves the fear it instills in others, the destruction it leaves in its wake.  The other Decepticons appreciate Frenzy's boldness and enthusiasm -often this is often to turn them from beating a hasty retreat to launching a new offensive.  But given his single minded devotion to violence, even thy find him hard to deal with on a personal level.  They have no problem letting him lead the way into battle.

For clarification, this toy's packaging consistently referred to the blue cassette as Frenzy.  Although in the shows, the blue one shown here was a pretty main character consistently referred to as Rumble.  They have similar capabilities, even similar personalities.  Personally I always think of Rumble as the blue one, but to avoid confusion we'll stick w/ the official Hasbro packaging...

Abilities: His screaming voice and belligerent manner alone could shake up an opponent, but Frenzy can enhance this effect by spinning the drum like devices in his torso.  Rolling the drums against each other produces a high pitched, grating sound of up to 200 decibels which can severely disrupt the electrical flow within the circuits of any one within earshot, resulting in all sorts of mechanical malfunctions.  He's particularly adept at disorienting his opponents by neutralizing their auditory and balance centers.

Weaknesses: Like his brother Rumble, Frenzy's small stature limits his physical strength, but his abilities make him difficult to get near.  A very cool, logical reaction to his manic onslaught is often an effective way of countering his intimidating effect.

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