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Profile: Rewind is the Autobot trivia expert. His memory banks have an amazing capacity to process and store data that is of virtually no use to anyone. Ask him what is the ratio of carbon to ditryllium atoms in a laser pistol polish or what is the capitol of New Jersey and he'll answer without hesitation. But ask him something important, like what is the recommended way of disarming a photon cannon drone, and he'll probably be of no help at all. Still, some times his knowledge of arcane facts proves to be an immense help and Rewind is much appreciated by his fellow Autobots for it. They just wish that he would turn his attention away from encyclopedia collections and towards the war with he Decepticons more often. By the way, the answers to the above questions are 3,623-to-1, Trenton on the planet Earth, and tell him his fusion line is unplugged!)

Abilities: Rewind's internal light matrix data storage system enables him to record and store an almost infinite amount of data. His recall from memory of any individual datum is virtually instantaneous. He can also release some of the light energy and turn himself into a blinding beacon. In robot mode he uses an adhesion rifle, which shoots a quick drying stream of glue that unbreakably bonds metal to whatever it touches.

Weaknesses: Rewind sometimes suffers from severe cerebro-circuitry overloads, what Earthlings would call "headaches" when he attempts to absorb too much data too quickly. He is incapacitated and helpless when this happens and he can take hours even days to recover. He's even been known to blow out some circuitry, which usually requires major repairs.


Profile: When Steel jaw is on the hunt his prey is as good as caught. His unyielding determination and tenacious pursuit combine to make him a truly formidable Autobot. He handles each mission with a cool professionalism born of the great confidence he has in his abilities. When he's not busy stalking Deceptions, he's likely to turn his attention to any scent that comes his way -the spoor of a fungus, the stench of a garbage truck, even the perfume of a young woman. This often results in a frightening surprise for his unsuspecting quarry. Steeljaw usually doesn't mean any harm on these occasions -he just likes his work so much that it's also his hobby!

Abilities: In lion mode, Steeljaw uses an array of chemical receptor microchips in his nose module to locate and follow scents. The array is sensitive enough to pick up chemical traces in the air as faint as one part per trillion. He has a range of 800 miles and requires the rest or maintenance. His jaw has tremendous strength; anyone caught in its grip would find it next to impossible to break. It can exert a force of 60,000 psi and can snap a foot diameter steel cable. In cassette mode, Steeljaw can electro-magnitize himself so he can adhere to ferrous objects. He uses this ability to hitch rides over long distances in a form that won't attract much attention!

Weaknesses: Steeljaw must avoid wet environments since his body is particularly vulnerable to rusting


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