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Heatwave (torso of Nexus Prime):

"Although later legend would say that Nexus was chopped into bits, the fact is he was the first Combiner. Made as a single being, he could readily drop into five separate parts, each with its own body and personality. Even after spending cycles apart on different projects these bots would unite happily and become Nexus once again without any loss or struggle. He was their sum, and they were joyously fragments, all sufficient unto themselves. Change and recombination were his nature, although he was at heart loyal to Primus and had no time for the deeper darknesses of some of his other brethren. His artifact was the Enigma of Combination. It could look like anything: weapon, jewel, body part ...and its power was already manifest in all that he did."
Covenant of Primus, Chapter 2, verse 2
- Alpha Trion

On the eve of the final BotCon (Official)‚Äč, organized by Fun Publications, we thought this would be a great time to show the united form of original five figures released to Transformers Collector Club members. One of the original 13 Primes, he was created by Primus to defeat Unicron in an era of Cybertronian history long before Autobots and Decepticons. His recent interactions in more modern times are depicted in the early year issues of TFCC comic-zine.

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