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Transformers Titanium Menasor (6", Hasbro Toy Shop exclusive)


Menasor 6" -HTS Exclusive in other sections:

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Menasor (6", Hasbro Toy Shop exclusive):

Experimental mechanics may have successfully unifed the gestalt frame of MENASOR into a while physical creature, but no level of shell programming or kernel restructuring has been able to modify his fractured mind. Constructed from the bodies of the five DECEPTICON warriors who once combined to form him, he is nearly indestructible. He is the ultimate in state-of-the-art destructive capabilities, driven by an almost mindless rage at the psychic agony that constantly torments him.

The dominant personality within him is that of the former leader of the Stunticons, Motormaster. Hated by his teammates, he nevertheless exercised an iron-fisted control over the team - a control that slipped only once the five found themselves unified in MENASOR. Even now, hardwired into the command network of the new body, he withstands a constant mental assault from the suppressed personalities of his four underlings. As a result, MENASOR, who should be the ultimate weapon, is little more than a destructive monster, incapable of following a plan, and desirous of nothing more than to smash everything around him.

UNIQUE FEATURE: Cyclone Gun generates winds equal to an F5 tornado.


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