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Transformers Generation 1 Drag Strip (Stunticon) Menasor limb

Function: Warrior
Motto: The first one to cross the finish line lives.
Alt mode: Formula 1 - Race Car

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Drag Strip (Stunticon) Menasor limb:

Profile: Drag Strip would rather be scrapped than lose. It doesn't matter what the competition is he's involved in- racing, fighting or even just trading insults- Drag Strip always aims to come out on top. Maybe it's because he needs to feel important, maybe-he enjoys humiliating others. It makes no difference; to beat an opponent, he'll pull the nastiest, most underhanded tricks. And he relishes his victories- he makes certain everyone within earshot knows about them. He loves to gloat.  His fellow Stunticons feel he's a selfish, egotistical boor and would just as soon not have him around. Even Decepticon leader Megatron finds him insufferable and would sooner smelt him than talk to him. But he knows that as rotten as Drag Strip is for the Decepticons to be around, he's even worse company for the Autobots. And that, in Megatron's opinion, is a character trait to be much admired.

Abilities: In car mode, Drag Strip can reach speeds of 250 mph and comes equipped with a plasma energy blaster that shoots an explosive ball of energy a distance of 2000 yards. In robot mode, he uses a gravito-gun that enhances the gravitational field of a localized area so that anyone walking into the area would either be crushed by the increased gravity or have his body ripped apart as the gravity pulls him from different directions. He combines with his fellow Stunticons to form the giant robot, Menasor.

Weaknesses: In car mode, Drag Strip is prone to overheating, particularly at high speeds. His cooing system has been known to explode. He also suffers from the ill will of many of his fellow Deceptions, a definite liability in battle when he might require their cooperation.

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Other toy appearances (Drag Strip):

* Drag Strip also known as: DragStrip

• Universe SE-03 Decepticon Drag Strip (Hasbro Toy Shop Exclusive) (2009)
• Timelines Drag Strip (Animated, Stunti-Con-Job boxset) (2011)

Other toy appearances (Menasor):

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