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With the rediscovery of the lost colony worlds and the reunification of the TRANSFORMERS race after millions of years, OPTIMUS PRIME has become the leader of far more people than he ever could have imagined. CYBERTRON PRIMUS has been reactivated, the Planet Keys returned to their rightful place on CYBERTRON, and GALVATRON and his DECEPTICONS all but defeated. It is time, he thinks, for a new golden era of peace in the galaxy, and he has ordered the construction of a fleet of starships so that the AUTOBOTS might explore the galaxy around them, bringing peace and justice wherever they go. While many of the AUTOBOT soldiers who fought with him are choosing to remove their weapons systems now that the war is over, OPTIMUS PRIME has decided to keep his, not because he hopes war will once again come, but as a reminder of what once was. He hopes to serve as a reminder to all those who would bring violence and tyranny to the universe that there are mighty warriors who will stand against them always.

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