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Transformers Armada Laserbeak

Function: Recon & Human Liason
Motto: "I will protect you."
Alt mode: cam corder

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LASERBEAK is a protective companion for the Earth kids who become involved in the battle between the TRANSFORMERS. Given to the children by OPTIMUS PRIME, LASERBEAK records information in his spy bird mode and can launch fireblasts in his stun weapon mode. He is always alert to his surroundings, scanning for threats. What will LASERBEAK discover during his spy missions that will help the AUTOBOTS defeat the evil plans of the DECEPTICONS?

Strength:  7.0
Intelligence:  6.0
Speed:  6.0
Indurance:  7.0
Rank:  4.0
Courage:  7.0
Firepower:  5.0
Skill:  6.0

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* Laserbeak also known as: Lazorbeak

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