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Many Transformers still superstitiously toss a small handful of energon coins over one shoulder whenever his name is uttered, for the word itself means chaos and destruction. Once an all powerful eater of entire planets, he was destroyed decades ago by the Autobots. For too long he was trapped in the rusting hulk of his old body. Now, resurrected and redesigned as an unstoppable destroyer tank, he is not yet at full power, but soon all the universe will know him, and tremble.

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The most evil entity in the galaxy has returned. As the black hole near Earth and Cybertron grew ever stronger, the dark life-force of the planet-killing Unicron was gaining more and more strength. After their departure from Gigantion, Soundwave and Sideways flew deep into the raging eye of the black hole with a new form for the ancient destroyer. Finding a weak pulse of his Spark, the two forged an uneasy alliance with the mighty titan – giving Unicron a new body and a chance to destroy the universe once more!

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