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Transformers Cybertron Wreckloose


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Affiliation: Decepticon
Base Planet: Jungle Planet
Galaxy Force name: none

First cartoon appearance: 

First Comics Appearance: 

Bibliography of signifigant appearances: none

Official character text from packaging... 

An eager fighter for Scourge, Wreckloose throws himself wholeheartedly into battle.  He rarely carries a long range weapon, preferring to uses his bladed shield in close combat.  Able to blend in almost perfectly with the Jungle Planet underbrush and move silently through even the densest vegetation, he will wait in hiding for days just to ambush a challenging opponent.

Cyber Planet Key Code: su39
Wreckloose, much like everyone else on Scourge’s team is a dirty fighter. He will set up elaborate traps and booby traps within the forests to capture his prey. Once while on patrol, he got word that some of Snarl’s friends from the other side of the Jungle planet were going on an expedition into the deepest reaches of the forests. Wreckloose spent days wiring up a particular section of the jungle with highly corrosive Technaracnid spider webbing. As the Transformers walked into the trap, Wreckloose moved in for the final blow. The Transformers never knew what hit them...

Profile, Abilities & Weaknesses:  
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RANK: 4.5
SKILL: 8.5

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