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Profile: The Cruellock drones are seen in limited capacity in the shows, perhaps there is a similiar analogy to Command/Battle Ravage that while Cruellock and his drones are under the direct command of Alpha-Q, perhaps we can assume that Megatron created (offscreen) an army of raptor drones w/ this color scheme which are under hisdirect command.  As there are zero appearances of the character or drones in either cartoon or comics, we can put this in the wishful thinking category...

Abilities: Like all the other Terrorcons, he is drawn to Energon. He has the capacity to "eat" it in its pure Energon to collect and store it for Unicron. Has energon storage pockets on his chest that glow when at full capacity.

Weaknesses: Doom Lock's lack of size and intelligence may be his major weaknesses.

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