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Transformers Energon Command Ravage

Function: Energon Hunter
Alt mode: Cougar
Weapon: Energon Powered Launcher

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Command Ravage:

First cartoon appearance: Energon ep 12<
Crisis in Jungle City

First comic appearance:  None  

Profile: Command Ravage was created and unleashed by Unicron. He is first seen in this color scheme (cartoon only) differentiating these ravage drones as being under the direct control of Alpha-Q versus this in the originalBattle Ravage colors which are being controlled by Megatron.  Is he evolved from Battle Ravage? Maybe one of the Cougar-type clones?

Abilities: He is drawn to energon. "Eats" pure energon to collect and store it for Unicron. Has energon storage pockets on his back that glow purple when they fill up.

Weaknesses: Command Ravage's lack of size and intelligence are his major weaknesses.


Show Gallery:

Other toy appearances:

• Movie ROTF Ravage (2009)
• Movie ROTF Robot Heroes Jolt vs Ravage (2009)
• Timelines Scorch w/ Shattered Glass Ravage (2010)
• Timelines Turbomaster w/ (Shattered Glass) Ravage (2010)
• Movie ROTF Recon Ravage (mail order) (2010)

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