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Transformers Energon Divebomb

Function: Energon Hunter
Motto: "To challenge me is to accept your defeat.”
Alt mode: Hawk

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Profile: Along with Battle Ravage, Divebomb was among the first Decepticons to join Scorponok in an attempt to overthrow what he saw as an oppressive Autobot regime following the Armada battles with Unicron.  His skills were highly sought after as one of the few Terrorcons with technical expertise in the handling and preparation of Energon and related refining equipment.. 

Although he doesn't lust for battle like his Terrorcon comrade Cruellock, he is none-the-less a fiercesome and respected combatant.  Given the opportunity, he would prefer to stay behind the battle scene developing new Energon harnessing techniques and technologies to serve his master.

His army of mech-hawk drones, which were created and unleashed by Unicron, can operate autonomously, although he maintains complete control while on the field of battle  Divebomb, their ruthless commander, revels in the opportunity given to him by Alpha-Q and Unicron to harness the power of Energon to further their cause.

Abilities: Like a bird of prey, he never misses his target. In either mode, his razor sharp Energon blades give him an edge in close range combat. He uses leg turbines to hover above his enemies in battle, overwhelming them with sheer numbers.  In hawk mode, his Energon feathers are deadly and allow him to cut through nearly any substance with strength greater than any metal blade. There is no stopping this Terrorcon once he has selected his a target. Dive-bomb's drones typically serve a secondary function beyond the usual Energon search and recovery, they also work in tandem with Battle Ravage drones carrying them to/from their targets.  Like other Terrorcons, he is drawn to Energon and has an ability to consume unprocessed Energon, produce Energon stars, collect and transport it back to Unicron.

Weaknesses: Like the other Terrorcons, his drones were designed and built primarily for the purpose of recovery and transport of Energon.  As such, they are extremely vulnerable to enemy artillery when storing Energon at full their full capacity.  Divebomb has no glaring weaknesses, although his desire to steer clear from battle is not a characteristic highly valued by his field commander Scorponok.  More than any other Terrorcon, he has better sense of when to pull his troupes out of danger before it's too late.


Bibliography of significant appearances:

Energon episode #1: Cybertron City - Hawk-type clones attack Cybertron City, the first of many attacks on Autobot Energon supplies

Energon # 26, 27, 28, 29 - Hawk-type clones attack Toronto


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• Movie ROTF Divebomb (2010)

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