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Transformers Energon Landmine

Function: Soldier
Motto: "My fists are deadlier than your guns.”

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Mini-Con attachment points: 2

First cartoon appearance: Energon episode # 11: The Legend of Rodimus (cameo only, character is seen in full in Energon episode # 13:Kicker Beware)

First comic appearance: Energon # 24

Profile: Landmine is extremely powerful, wielding the strongest punch of all the Autobots. He is also very loyal to Optimus Prime and the Autobot cause. He originally went with Rodimus to help create a peaceful existence, but is very happy under the command of Optimus Prime. He wants to defend his fellow Autobots, and the humans alike, from the machinations of Megatron and the Decepticons. Landmine shares basically the same physical characteristics with his brother Landquake. While Landquake prefers to stay away from combat, Landmine enjoys it. He will take on any Decepticon at any moment, crushing them in his huge claws. The Decepticons have learned never to challenge him to one-on-one combat. Landmine really enjoys harsh conditions such as blizzards and hurricanes. He is very well suited for such environments and they give him an advantage during battle. Landmine's alternate mode is a standard cab truck with four wheel drive and a v-shaped plow on the front. A removable construction platform in the rear that includes tracks, a crane, claws, and a missile launcher. This platform can transform into a gunnery station or powerlinx with Landmine to become what he calls his "Brute mode", which is the secret behind his powerful punch. 

Abilities: With his platform attached in vehicle mode, he becomes a half-track able to traverse any terrain. His crane is able to lift ten times his own weight. Once detached, the platform can be remotely operated by Landmine. Landmine was awarded the red spark of combination which means he can powerlinx with his construction platform. In this mode, he can use his winch to grab opponents and bring them closer to his huge fists which he can use to punch or crush them. His rocket launcher is also brought to shoulder-mount to help sight in his enemies.

Weaknesses: Landmine relies on his giant fists too often in battle and can be taken down from a distance. Also, when one of his many mechanical attachments becomes worn or broken, it is difficult for him to get them fixed.


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