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Transformers Energon Battle Ravage

Function: Energon Hunter
Motto: "What my claws don't destroy my teeth will!”
Alt mode: Cougar
Weapon: Energon powered launcher

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Profile: Battle Ravage is a merciless soldier who knows no emotion besides the thrill of the hunt which he craves.  Whether his target is Energon, an Autobot, Decepticon or human, he seeks his prey with tenacity until his mission is accomplished.  While on the prowl, nothing will distract him from his objectives.  Battle Ravage is a highly skilled tracker with sensor arrays capable of detecting Energon deposits from short range distances, as well as other mobile targets like humans or mechs.

On Cybertron, Battle Ravage quickly grew tired of the period of Autobot rule following the Armada battles with Unicron.  He was among the first members recruited by Scorponok to join his rogue party of Decepticon rebels.  Once allied with Scorponok, he found himself working under the direction of Alpha- Quintessson and as  a servant of Unicron himself, he enjoyed the benefits of becoming commander of his own army of Battle Ravage drones, which Unicron created.

Whether the commanding unit or any of the army of drones, Battle Ravage is sure to spell trouble for the Autobots. He has an unquenchable thirst for Energon. Like a creature in the desert desperate for water, he is consumed by an endless hunger for the potent energy source.

Abilities: In robot mode, he attacks his enemies with a relentless arsenal of powerful energon weapons. In cougar mode, beware of his energon-eating jaws and powerful mace tail.  He is drawn to energon and was given the abilitiy by unicron to act as an energon processor, like the Omnicons.  He can "eat" pure energon, collect and store it for Unicron producing powerful Energon stars to aid his Decepticon allies.  His energon storage capabilities are immense and pockets glow on his back when filled to capacity.

Weaknesses: His drones are built for the sole purpose of Energon storage and their hyde is not strong.  Especially while at full Energon storage capacity, they are particularly prone to enemy artillery fire.  Battle Ravage's primary weakness is the result of blinding focus while tracking.  He'll charge into enemy territory, regardless of the odds and be nearly oblivious of what he's getting himself or his drones into while in search of his prey.  Especially when there's Energon to be gained, outside circumstances are irrelevant.  If 20 drones go in, and all but 1 get blasted to bits, but that one unit escapes full with Energon, he considers it a successful mission.


Comic art on this pageis by Alec Milne, Guido Guidi, and Joe Ng

Bibliography of significant appearances:

Energon episode #1: Cybertron City - Cougar-type clones attack Cybertron City, first of many attacks on Autobot energon supplies, shown to the right creating the Battle Ravage drone amrm..

Energon # 20, 21, 22 - Chases Kicker and Alexis
Energon # 26, 27, 28, 29 - Cougar-type clones attack Moscow

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Comic Gallery:

Other toy appearances:

• Movie ROTF Ravage (2009)
• Movie ROTF Robot Heroes Jolt vs Ravage (2009)
• Timelines Scorch w/ Shattered Glass Ravage (2010)
• Timelines Turbomaster w/ (Shattered Glass) Ravage (2010)
• Movie ROTF Recon Ravage (mail order) (2010)

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