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Transformers Armada Hoist w/ Mini-Con Refute

Motto: "Keen vigilance is my weapon of choice."

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[From the personal files of Refute, Mini-con]

Bio: This boy's toughened up, but good. Back in the day, when he was just "Smokescreen" he was more of a joker, maybe even a little too hotheaded for his own good. Don't get me wrong--I loved  the 'bot like I created 'im myself. But as good as he was, he just didn't have that edge that you need in a war like this. When Smokescreen got his chassis blown up pretty much beyond repair...well, let's just say I didn't take the news real well. The only way to save him was a complete overhaul, and that's when he got his new body and name. But that wasn't the only thing that changed... Hoist was more focused, more dedicated, and more powerful than before. Sure, he still cracks wise now and again, but now he knows exactly when it's time to buckle down and fight the good fight. His favorite joke now is that nearly getting killed was the best thing that ever happened to him, and he may be right.! just hope it never happens again!

Weapons and Abilities: Hoist is a couple of degrees stronger than he was as Smokescreen and definitely a bit smarter too. He's an excellent and fearless soldier, plus a more-than-decent construction worker. In his backhoe mode, he can move tons of material in minutes and demolish solid steel walls with a few hits.

Weaknesses: He doesn't have many shortcomings, but one thing still holds him back: he's not too creative when it comes to how he attacks. He doesn't fight fancy, and sometimes that makes him too -... predictable in battle. 


"You call that battle damage?  I'll show you battle damage!"

First Comic Appearance: Dreamwave TF: Armada #18
(only appearance, see above)

Bio: One of the older Mini-Cons, Refute has been around in one form or another for as long as many seasoned Autobot warriors. Since he's a bit tougher than most of his race and a recognized war veteran, Refute finds himself the object of some unwelcome hero worship among his fellow Mini-Cons. He tries to live up to this image and set an example, but Refute is still basically an ornery tough-bot at his core. Unlike some Mini-Cons, Refute is firmly in the Autobot camp, and he loves fighting alongside Hoist and the others. When he's relaxing with other warriors, he enjoys pointing out the various battle scars he earned in combat.  This has led to a friendly rivalry with Hoist, where the two rate each other's damage after a battle to see who fought the hardest.

Weapons and Abilities: Subject is one of the stronger Mini-Cons, with substantially better-than-average endurance and physical power in robot and vehicle modes. He is specially designed to Powerlink with Hoist, making them a formidable team when united.

Weaknesses: The desire to earn "respectable" battle damage leads Subject to take some ill-advised risks on the battlefield.  Because of his age, he is susceptible to his joints locking up if he doesn't adhere to a strict lubrication schedule (which he hates).

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