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Transformers Generation 1 Quake (Targetmaster) with Tiptop and Heater

Function: Ground Assault
Motto: Nothing lasts forever...so why not destroy it now?

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Quake (Targetmaster) with Tiptop and Heater:

Note: original toy (robot mode) does not have red eyes. As a young and aspiring Alterations artist, I wanted his eyes to be red, so I painted them. (Sorry 'bout that!)

Profile, Abilities and Weaknesses description is from The Transformers profile originally published in (Marvel Comics) Transformers #66. Profile: Reason has never been known to slow the raging onslaughts of this destructive berserker. Quake attacks everyone and everything with a vengeance. Only persistent cries from his fellow Decepticons of "point your guns the other way" and "the Autobots are over there, you idiot" prevent him from blasting those on his own side. Otherwise he doesn't stop shooting until every thing around him lies in ruins or he runs out of ammo, whichever comes first. Quake gives Megatron sufficient reason to question one of his most cherished theories of miliitary starategvy: "I'd rather hava a fool who shoots than ten trained warriors who hold their fire." As Megatron has learned, when that fool is Quake, the gun can eb pointing at you. Quake is teamed with two Nebulans, Tiptop and Heater. Tiptop worked as a strongman in the Traveling Three-Sphere Circus of Nebulos. He lost his job after the careless use of his strength caused injuries to several of his fellow performers. Embittered, he signede up with the Nebulan-based Decepticons to seek revenge against his formere employer.

Heater was a smart-aleck street punk who spent most of his time hustling contraband pleasure pods in the back alleys of some of Nebulos's largest cities. When law enforcement officers began to close in on him, he underwent the same bio-engineering procedure as Tiptop and like him becam binary bonded to Quake.

Abilities: In tank mode, Quake is capable of leveling an entire class 5 Autobot defensive installation in minutes. He has a maximum speed of 75 mph and a range of 250 miles. His titanium-alloy treads are coated with a special adhesive that enables him to climb up sheer cliff surfaces. He is equipped witha powerful plasma cannon which has a range of 40 miles. Tiptop transforms into a gyroscopic destabilizer, which destroys the balance of any target it hits. Heater transforms into a double proton pistol. In either tank or robot mode, Quake can use the two nebulans in their weapons modes either singly, together, or combined into one weapon.

Weaknesses: Quake has a poorly designed cooling system. When attempting especially rigorous climbs, particularly up vertical walls, he often overheats and shuts down. Lacking common sense, in these situations he often pushes on anyway, which usually results in the meltdown of his transmission and fuel line systems.

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