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Transformers Generation 1 Quickswitch

Function: Assault Warrior
Motto: A confused enemy is a defeated enemy.
Alt mode: Humanoid Robot, Hydrofoil (boat), Laser Firearm, Puma, Drill-tank, Airplane

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Profile, Abilities and Weaknesses description taken from The Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye, comic series published by Dreamwave Comics in 2003.

Bio: Among those rare Transformers who are biomechanically inclined to multiple transformations, Quickswitch is the first Autobot Six Changer. His capacity to change form is written so deep in his spark that it dominates his entire personality. He's moody at best and unstable at worst. Quickswitch can't maintain an emotion or feeling for very long before it turns into something else, often entirely different. Witnesses have reported him exhorting his comrades to show mercy before a battle and then tearing through Decepticons with all the compassion of an energon-sycythe. Quickswitch's problem is deeper than a few crossed wires and it's one that he's tried to correct... yet all medical tests show that there's absolutely nothing wrong with him in terms of mental functioning. Quickswitch suspects that the Decepticon Sixshot, the first Sixchanger may somehow possess the clue needed to equalize his own mental processes. The one unchanging thing about Quickswitch is that he's determine to get the answers to his origin and solution to his problems.

Weapons/Abilities: Subject possesses above-average strength, intelligence and overall endurance. He is a Six Changer; able to transform between modes at three times the speed of the average Transformer. Subject is a highly skilled warrior who knows how best to utilize his six-changing ability to maximize Decepticon casualties. Aside from his robot mode, he can also transform into a high-powered jet propelled Transformer-sized pistol; an assault hydrofoil; a armore piercing drill tank with reinforcced titanium drill bits; a fighter jet with suborbital capabilities; and a four legged beast with stealth shield capabilities. He's armed with two proton blasters in all modes.

Weaknesses: The inconsistency in Quickswitch's thought processes sometimes makes him as confused as his enemies.

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