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Transformers Generation 1 Gears

Function: Transport and Reconnaissance
Motto: "Earth Stinks, but Decepticons stink worse."
Alt mode: Truck

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Profile:  Gears is the complainer in the group.  He absolutely hates the Earth and everything about it and he is eager to let the others know this.  He is a self- proclaimed misfit, the type who finds fault in everything and everyone, even himself.  That is one of the reasons Optimus Prime finds him useful: Gears is so sour tempered that the rest of the Autobots cheer themselves by trying to cheer him up.  Only Optimus knows that Gears complaining is an act.  Gears realizes his function is to force his companions to see what's good about a situation, and he performs accordingly.

Abilities: Gears has tremendous strength and endurance.  He is often used to tote heavy loads for long distances.  He will even carry several of his comrades to conserve fuel.  He can launch himself to a height of 20 miles and then float back down to the ground by creating a compressed air cushion under his feet.  This makes him an excellent reconnaissance agent and his ability to detect infrared wavelengths allows him to work night or day.

Weaknesses: Since Gears has limited maneuverability when launched, he makes an easy target if spotted.   Although his sour personality is mostly an act, a reminder of his home planet, Cybertron, can often depress him and negatively affect his performance.


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