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Transformers Generation 1 Huffer

Function: Construction Engineer
Motto: "Mollecular structure is the key to success."
Alt mode: Truck Cab

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Profile:  Bumblebee says Huffer looks at the world "through sludge- covered  windshields."   Huffer is dour.  He says very little and when he does speak, it's usually to grumble.  Huffer's pessimism extends even to his job specialty.  He'll grumble that it can't be done and then build the most complex mechanized fortress imaginable.   Sometimes it seems he can whip up a suspension bridge out of bobby pins and glue.   Huffer isn't too sociable, but in any sort of difficulty he is absolutely reliable.   Optimus Prime knows that Huffer secretly misses Cybertron and longs to return there.

Abilities: A complex system of sensors in his arms allows Huffer to test various materials, some of which he uses in construction, for various properties such as tensile strength, heat resistance, elasticity, etc.  Although lacking weapons, he is extremely strong and can lift 40,000  pounds.  His mathematical and geometrical abilities exceed those of all the other Autobots and help him in his construction designs.

Weaknesses: Huffer is prone to severe bouts of depression as a result of his homesickness.  At these times he is often inconsolable and of little value to the other Autobots.

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