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Transformers (Movie) Breakaway (Wal-Mart exclusive)


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Breakaway (Wal-Mart exclusive):

Escape-artist extraordinaire BREAKAWAY has never been held in captivity for more than a few hours. Even then, most of the times he's been captured have only been because he let it happen, so he could get inside a DECEPTICON base and blow it up. Every one of his joints is double, and secret compartments cover his body, hiding dozens of tools for use in escaping from any cell. He's as slippery as a Neutronian grease eel, and clever as a turbofox. DECEPTICON bounty hunters across the galaxy have an almost supernatural regard for his skill.

Other toy appearances:

* Breakaway also known as: Getaway

• Movie ROTF Autobot Strike Mission Legends 4-pack (Sam's Club exclusive - Breakaway, Longarm, Sideways, Bumblebee) (2009)

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