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* Post sightings at your local store (barcode & GPS enabled!)
* Write reviews & upload photos right from your mobile device
* Search our database of every Transformers toy ever made
* Discover resources & info for each toy, across a variety of fan sites!

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TFDb for Sightings:

User sightings is brought to the modern age, with TFDb.  When you find a new toys at your local store, just open TFDb and scan the barcode on the box.  Click "Post a sighting", and your GPS-enabled device will automatically detect your location, and you can share your sighting right from the toy aisle.

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TFDb for User Reviews:

Not sure which new Transformer is for you?  Just check out reviews from other users, right from the toy aisle.  Contribute to the fandom with a 1-10 rating, and a short review.

TFDb for Community Photos:

View community photos for each toy right in the app.  Also, you can take toy photos right from your tablet or phone, and share them with the collecting community!

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TFDb for Search:

Search our database of every Transformer toy from 1984 to present!

TFDb - search  TFDb - search

TFDB by Unicron.com is avialable now for Android on the Play Store, and Apple/iOS in the App Store!