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Stinkasaurus Rex (Blind Pack)


Transformers Bot Bots 01 Stinkasaurus Rex (Blind Pack)


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01 Stinkasaurus Rex (Blind Pack):

ransformers BotBots Series 1 Collectible Blind Bag Mystery Figure -- Surprise 2-In-1 Toy! 

(Ages 5 and up/ Approx. Retail Price $2.99/ Available: Winter ’18)

Not long ago and somewhere close by, a glowing mist filled with TRANSFORMERS energy called ENERGON came down from the sky and covered a shopping mall. The things inside came to life as little TRANSFORMERS robots! These bots can hide in plain sight as everyday objects, meaning no one knows what's a bot and what's not! Mischievous, funny, and super silly, these are… BOTBOTS!  Hidden inside each TRANSFORMERS BOTBOTS blind bag is a little mystery figure with a big personality! Collectable BOTBOTS figures are around 1-inch tall and change from totally normal stuff to little robots in 3 to 5 easy steps. Each blind bag randomly includes 1 of 24 available characters. BOTBOTS Series 1 features 61 characters across 3 assortments: blind bag assortment, 5-pack assortment, and 8-pack assortment. (Each sold separately. Subject to availability). Available at select retailers and on HasbroToyShop.com.

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