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Protectobot Evac Squad (Blades and Hot Spot)


Transformers (2014) Protectobots Evac Squad two-pack (Protectobot Hot Spot, Protectobot Blades)


Protectobot Evac Squad (Blades and Hot Spot) in other sections:

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Toy Gallery:


Other toy appearances (Hot Spot):

* Hot Spot also known as: Hot Zone

Other toy appearances (Blades):

• Universe Autobot Blades (2008)
• Universe Legends Aerial Rivals 5-pack (Target exclusive - Autobot Blades, Air Raid, Skydive, Thrust, and Ramjet) (2008)
• Movie ROTF War for the Skies Legend 4-pack (Kmart exclusive - Autobot Blades, Jetfire, Thundercracker & Spinister) (2009)

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