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We have uploaded Hasbro's Toyfair promo pics in a gallery (embedded at the bottom of this post), but there were some pictures that were shown during this presentation that were not provided. As I understood, we were not to take pictures (tons of people did though), so you can find pictures that are not available as part of Hasbro's Toyfair promotional release or displayed in the showroom here from our friends at Seibertron.com. Below you will find a description of what we learned through pannel, along with various galleries of pictures taken at Toyfair 2010. Enjoy!

Generations line (all deluxe, catch-all series, ala post Moive Universe line)

- Darkmount (aka Straxus) - Drift - Thrust (significant retool of Classics seeker jet) - War for Cybertron figures (Op Meg, and BB are still the only ones that Hasbro is talking about, but they strongly hinted that there will be more on the way)

{iframe class="gallery_embed" name="gallery1" id="gallery1" style="width:800px; height:560px; border:0px;" frameborder="0"}http://www.unicron.us/g/?wdir=&gdir=events/Toyfair-2010/Generations&embed=on&width=500{/iframe}

Power[ ]core Combiners

5 Pack Combiner teams
- Silvebolt (?) and the Aerialbots (wave 1) - Bombshock and the Combaticons (wave 1) - Double Clutch and the Rallybots (wave 2) - Mudslinger and the Destructicons (wave 2)
2 Packs (1 slightgly larger than Scout figure, 1 Minicon)
- Huffer with Caliburst (wave 1) - Smolder with Chopster (wave 1) - Leadfoot with Pinpoint (wave ?) - Searchlight with Backwind (wave ?) - Icepick with Chainclaw (wave ?) - Sledge with Throttler (wave ?)

{iframe class="gallery_embed" name="gallery1" id="gallery1" style="width:800px; height:560px; border:0px;" frameborder="0"}http://www.unicron.us/g/?wdir=&gdir=events/Toyfair-2010/Powercore-Combiners&embed=on&width=500{/iframe}

Movie Line: However all movie language will be removed from the packaging... (aka "Transformers" w/ "Hunt for the Decepticons" product/online game promo)


- New Optimus Prime mold (very movie accurate/detailed) - Seaspray - Payload


- Elita-1 (redeco Chromia with what looked to be a new molded head) - Hailstorm (new mold) - Jetblade (redeco) - Sea Attack Ravage (redeco)


- Breacher (new mold) - Insecticon (New mold insect bot from ROTF)

Human Alliance:

- Jazz with Lennox (has retractable visor, and motorcycle that transforms into his movie style shielded gun!)

{iframe class="gallery_embed" name="gallery1" id="gallery1" style="width:800px; height:1120px; border:0px;" frameborder="0"}http://www.unicron.us/g/?wdir=&gdir=events/Toyfair-2010/Movie&embed=on&width=500{/iframe}

Masterpiece Grimlock
to be released in the US with crown...

G1 Blaster with Steeljaw, Ramhorn and Eject Reissue exclusive for SDCC 2010

WAR FOR CYBERTRON There was so much news about the upcoming Transformers: War For Cybertron videogame that have written special posted devoted to the topic.

{iframe class="gallery_embed" name="gallery1" id="gallery1" style="width:800px; height:1213px; border:0px;" frameborder="0"}http://www.unicron.us/g/?wdir=&gdir=Hasbro_promo/Toyfair-2010&embed=on&width=500{/iframe}

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