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Transformers Titanium Prowl - War Within (6", Toys R Us exclusive)


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Prowl - War Within (6", Toys R Us exclusive):

The most single-minded of all the Autobots, Prowl is sometimes referred to as “the commander’s Sharkticon” because of the way he seizes a problem and refuses to let it go until it is solved. He rivals even Shockwave in the fields of cryptology, logistics and strategic planning. In fact, the two of them will occasionally engage in complex shadow wars that rage beneath the surface of an ongoing battle, logical games designed more to frustrate and confound each other than secure victory for their sides.

Prowl believes that there is a reason for all things. He struggles to understand the perspective even of his enemies, believing that if he can discern the logical underpinnings of the Decepticon cause, he can devise a strategy for final victory. Though he is often torn by emotions in conflict with his logic, he has difficulty understanding how others can be so ruled by feeling and instinct. He believes that all creatures behave according to some complex arithmetic, and that if he could only work it out, he could bring peace to the universe.

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