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Transformers (Movie) Unleashed Turnarounds Autobot Ratchet & Autobot Jazz (unreleased in US)


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Unleashed Turnarounds Autobot Ratchet & Autobot Jazz (unreleased in US):

Under the command of the fearless OPTIMUS PRIME®, AUTOBOT RATCHET and AUTOBOT JAZZ left their ancient home of CYBERTRON™ to wander the infinite breadth of deep space in search of the AllSpark. Hoping against hope, they searched, dreaming of the day they would return home bearing life and light. They found little of their quarry among the stars, but they carried with them always hope and healing for the sentient creatures they encountered. The search for the AllSpark has now ended, but the battle rages on. From one world to the next, they battle and defeat the DECEPTICONS®, leaving freedom in their wake.

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Other toy appearances (Ratchet):

Other toy appearances (Jazz):

* Jazz also known as: Meister

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