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Transformers (Movie) Megatron (voyager, metallic version, Best Buy exclusive)


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Megatron (voyager, metallic version, Best Buy exclusive):

Locked in frozen stasis for hundreds of years, the vast and monstrous mind of mighty Megatron slept and dreamed of conquest. His conscious memory of that time is fragmented and confused - a stop motion zoetrope of images that filtered into his optic processors during periods of slight warmth. He remembers a vast herd of shaggy creatures nearly as big as himself; a tribe of tiny, primitive organics who worshipped his inert body as a god; the heat and fire of battle likely fought over the incredible technology encased in his form. Now, for the first time, however, he feels his entire body coming alive again as warmth and a complete sensorium return. Megatron rises to functionality. He rises again to revenge.

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