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Transformers Titanium Optimus Prime vs Megatron War Within 6" Versus Pack


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Optimus Prime vs Megatron War Within 6" Versus Pack:

Deep within CYBERTRON, in chambers long lost and longer forgotten, two of the mightiest warriors the universe has ever seen battle for supremacy in a struggle that will forever define the future. One is a leader newly made, a simple archivist infused with the power of the Matrix and pushed unwilling into greatness. The other is an ancient warrior, washed in the oil of fallen foes, whose plans have been years in the making.

Here, at the very heart of their home world, the power of the Matrix flares into life as none before have witnessed, and both warriors are given a glimpse of what will be. They see themselves, ages hence, locked in a strange echo of their current struggle. They see the wasteland their war will make of their world, and the long chain of Sparkless shells in their wake. They see the shape of things to come and know that what they fight for is not just victory but the future itself.

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