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Transformers Timelines (BotCon) Vector Sigma (Botcon Exclusive, produced by Unicron.com


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Vector Sigma (Botcon Exclusive, produced by Unicron.com:

Vector Sigma -
Manufactured by Unicron.com for Botcon
Does not glow or convert organic matter into metal.


Before Cybertron existed, there was Vector Sigma; a super computer of incalculable power. So great was this entity that it could tap into the source of Transformers life itself, the Allspark. Over the eons, Vector Sigma was used by many beings to imbue lifeless Transformers bodies with the Spark of life without judgment. If it was asked to produce noble protectors, it did so. If it was asked to create merciless destroyers, it did that as well. Activating Vector Sigma required a special Key, capable of turning organic matter ito metal. In lieu of such a key, any Transformer sharing Vector Sigma's computational matrix could activate it at the cost of its own life.

Vector Sigma's influence reached across the multi-verse, where several similar computers would take on its name but serve different functions. In one, Vector Sigma was a computer that all Autobot and Maximal leaders were bonded to. In another it was surrounded by a program known as The Oracle in an age where Maximals and Predacons had taken the place of their ancestors as the primary residents of Cybertron. No matter its location, the very name Vector Sigma has held even some of the greatest Transformers in awe including Optimus Prime himself.

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