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Transformers Cybertron Mini-Con Sunstorm vs. Checkpoint


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Checkpoint worked as an information specialist and spy for Anti-Blaze even before Thrust began his rebellion. His speed and talent for disguise, as well as a cluster of holographic projectors housed on either side of his head make him ideal for infiltrating enemy formations. But his real talent is in his ability to get a read on a subject with minimal contact; Checkpoint can make incredibly accurate guesses about an individual's personality and motives after only a few moments of conversation. This talent makes him a dangerous enemy, and a valuable resource to Anti-Blaze and the Council of Sages.


One of the rebel generals most trusted by Thrust, some suspect that Sunstorm is the true intelligence behind the Mini-Con rebellion against the Council of Sages, and that this sudden uprising may have some deeper purpose to it besides simple chaos. Indeed, Sunstorm has secretly established contact with a small group of Decepticons in hiding on the surface of Cybertron. His intention is to cause enough chaos among the Mini-Con colonies to allow them to be easily conquered by the Decepticons, after which they will joint Galvatron on the quest for domination of the Universe!

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