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Native Planet: Velocitron

Primary function: race planet whiner (just kidding!) primary function: unknown, Breakdown's Protege.

Alternate mode: speed planet racer
Weapon: double barrelled 

Galaxy Force name: 
スキッズ (Skids)

First cartoon appearance: Cybertron episode #5: Space

First comic appearance: None 

Official character text from packaging... 

A young speedster with nerves of steel and technique to spare. Quick-thinking, clever and courageous, his size prevents him from presenting a real challenge on the track. He races out of a sense of duty to his mentor Breakdown, and he knows every bit of road on the Speed Planet like the back of his hand. It's his knowledge of the Great Race that gives Hot Shot the edge he needs.

CyberKey Code: s129
Clocker has a racetrack tactic that he's been secretly practicing. While driving at top speed, he hits the Energon-overdrive button while going into sixth gear. This maneuver usually sends Clocker flying into turns at ridiculous speeds! The only bad thing is that Clocker has yet to master this maneuver perfectly, so not only does he fly into first place, but also he usually flies right off the road!!

Profile, Abilities and Weaknesses: 
Will be added/edited as more information about the character becomes available...

Speed Planet: The pure racing culture of the Speed Planet is about to change forever, as it becomes the first battleground in the war for the lost Planet Keys, ancient artifacts missing for eons on the lost colonies.  In order to save Cybertron Optimus Prime sends Hot Shot and Red Alert to face the untold dangers of this lost planet and an army of Decepticons, who seek the planet keys for their own evil ends.  

The speed planet is a tangled mass of roads, trails and aerial race tracks, ruled by the dazzlingly fast Override.  For millions of years, the inhabitants of the Speed Planet have been devoted to the pursuit of perfect acceleration, tuning their vehicle forms for optimum horsepower, displacement and torque.  It is a turbo-charged world of cold air intakes, narrowed air flow profiles and stiff struts, where only the fastest survive, and the slow are left behind, grills choked with the dust of a thousand street battles.

SPEED: 7.5
SKILL: 8.5

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