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Transformers Energon Energon Saber (Minicons Wreckage, Scattor, Skyboom)

Motto: "Our individual powers are impressive. Our combined power is legendary.”

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Energon Saber (Minicons Wreckage, Scattor, Skyboom):

SCATTOR: Supersonic transport (like a Concorde)
SKYBOOM: Stealth bomber (like a B-2 Spirit)
WRECKAGE: Supersonic reconnaissance jet (like an SR-71 Blackbird)

First cartoon appearance: Energon 
episode # 4: Megatron's Sword
First comic appearance:  None

Profile: The Energon Saber is one of the most powerful weapons in the universe. Created from the same technology that developed the Star Saber, the sword combines the power of the three Mini-Cons that make it up, increasing their power exponentially. Parts of the sword are charged with energon, which can be released during attack. The legend of the Energon Saber, much like that of the Star Saber, is the stuff of fantasy. And for good reason, mighty giants have been taken down by just one strike of its razor sharp edge and energon charged power. Trapped in pure energon, thier metal bodies were partly replaced by energon, glowing yellow like a brilliant sun. The Energon Saber seems drawn to the human Kicker. It is possible that the energon charged components are drawn to Kicker on a molecular level. The individual Mini-Cons understand well the value of teamwork. They are a well trained squadron, acting as one entity. They were already impressive in battle before they underwent the combination process, now they are virtually unstoppable. They want their power to only be used for defense or to protect the innocent. They feel underestimated by the Autobots, but trust and follow Optimus Prime's leadership. Individually, Skyboom is a little slower than the other two, and Wreckage is a little more violent. Scattor, Skyboom and Wreckage are never far apart, however, knowing they may be required to combine and become one of the most powerful weapons in existence. Can they defend the universe from the conqueror, Unicron? Only time can tell.


Abilities: Their sword mode can fly or hover short distances. They contain energon charged parts that can be discharged during battle. The three Mini-Cons are very fast and agile, and can discharge energon like missiles or bombs in jet modes.

Weaknesses: The Energon Saber Team's greatest weakness is to separate the three Mini-Cons, but that's easier said than done. Also, the Skyboom Shield can withstand a direct hit, but will eventually yield.

Strength: 10
Intelligence: 7
Speed: 10
Endurance: 9
Rank: 5
Courage: 10
Fireblast: 8
Skill: 9


Bibliography of significant appearances:

*Energon episode # 4: Megatron's Sword - Come to Earth from Mars base, help defend Plains City from Scorponok.

*Note: The Energon Saber would have appeared in Energon comics, but that series ended abruptly at issue 30.

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Other toy appearances (Wreckage):

Other toy appearances (Scattor):

Other toy appearances (Skyboom):

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