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3rd Party Unicron Stand (Accessory Set #2)


Accessory Set 2: Stand for Unicron in other sections:

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Unicron Stand (Accessory Set #2):

Who wants to display the mighty and menacing UNICRON in planet mode, sitting on a table, pinchers pointing straight up????  Not us!  

We personally designed and manufactured this figure stand to allow the Armada/Energon Unicron figure to "float" in planet mode with the correct orientation.  It debuted at the official Transformers Collector Convention in Chicago, 2003 and has been a big hit ever since!  

You can click each of the following links to get answers to common FAQ's:

Can I see more pictures? Yes, just click these links:  Pic1Pic2Pic3w/ long clear stand pole

Are there any assembly instructions? YES!!
What's included with each stand?ANSWER!
Does the stand work for any other figures?

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