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Transformers Universe Depthcharge

Motto: "Follow my orders or get out of my face!"

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Brought back from the other side of the Matrix by PRIMUS and OPTIMUS PRIMAL, DEPTH CHARGE knew his role in the upcoming war against the monster planet, UNICRON, had only just begun. Having finally dispatched his longtime adversary, Protoform X (known as RAMPAGE during the BEAST WARS), this solemn, no-nonsense warrior immediately volunteered to assist KING ATLAS in operating and maintaining a refugee network within the monster planet himself. DEPTH CHARGE demands nothing less than perfection from his comrades. Anything less is unsatisfactory in his eyes and he has no problem letting any lazy AUTOBOT know about it! His fusion-powered cybershark drone conducts recon missions and doubles as a reinforcement in battle. It can also covert into a hand-held blaster, firing dual quantum torpedoes. DEPTH CHARGE’s beast form is optimized for underwater combat and can withstand the deepest oceanic pressures. Offensive weaponry in this form includes his drone and an ionic launcher mounted on the forward section of his manta ray mode. His intermediate space-cruiser form can maintain planetary orbit for brief periods of time. In robot mode, he launches ionic discs from his chest and wields an Energo-cutlass for hand-to-hand combat. Defensively, his wings can double as shields against most energy-based beams and missiles. Can also act as solar converters to store energy for prolonged missions in the ocean depths. Although DEPTH CHARGE is a skilled warrior in any situation, his abilities underneath the waves is second to none

Other toy appearances:

* Depthcharge also known as: Depth Charge

• Movie ROTF Depthcharge (2009)

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