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Transformers Beast Wars II (Takara) Tasmania Kid - タスマニアキッド

Alt mode: Tasmanian devil

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Tasmania Kid - タスマニアキッド:

Profile: The young, energetic Kid has always dreamed of being part of an extraordinary expedition. He always wants an exotic alternate mode like the fastest sports car, or coolest looking jet. Kid, however, always manages to scan something less cool. One time Kid was scanning the "most awesome" car on a planet when the car pulled away and he scanned the garbage scout. On planet Gaia, Kid was trying to scan a bird of prey, when a tasmanian devil popped up in front of him. He is sometimes called Tasmanian Kid. Kid likes to make fun of the older Maximals, especially Apache, but he finds himself to be the but of most jokes. Kid is eager to fit in with his fellow Maximals and to please his leaders, but sometimes this exuberance is detrimental to his mission. He wants to be "the bot" that everyone is proud of.

First cartoon appearance: Beast Wars Second episode 1: A New Army

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