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Transformers Beast Wars Silverbolt (Fuzor)

Function: Tracker
Motto: "Stand back citizen!"

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Silverbolt (Fuzor):

The following text is an excerpt from the official Beast Wars Story Bible, written by Bob Forward and Larry DiTillio:

Name: SILVERBOLT, Scout, Advance Guard, Flyer
FUZOR Beast Form: Wolf/Eagle (Wolf Head on Eagle Body)
Robotic Form: Silver and Red Humanoid
Vehicle Mode: None
Weaponry: Wing-tip Missiles (Beast Mode), Hand-held explosive Short Spears, either thrown or used as melee weapons (Robot Mode)
Skills: Hunting and Tracking, Aerial Combat, Reconnaissance.
Interests/Hobbies: Psychology, Philosophy, Romance.

Attitude: CHIVALROUS with a capital C! Silverbolt is like nothing more than a Knight of Old, complete with a ratherformal mode of speech and a dedication to the pursuit and protection of goodness. Though valorous in battle, Silverbolt often appears a bit ingenuous and headstrong due to his complete commitment to doing the right thing. He looks for the good in every being he encounters, even Predacons, and is unquestionably loyal to his comrades, even when he does not agree with them. Silverbolt is always looking to rescue or protect someone and this often lands him in trouble. He does not engage in combat unless absolutely necessary and always prefers the reasonable and peaceful approach. On the other hand, his wolf nature sometimes kicks in, giving him a quick and volatile temper. Without a doubt Silverbolt is a stalwart among the Maximals and though he may try their patience at times with his unrelenting code of heroism, there is no doubt his abilities make him a valued member of the team.


Optimus: Silverbolt respects Optimus greatly, as both a leader and a friend. The two are very similar in many respects, both prefer peace but will battle incessantly in a just cause and both put others first. Silverbolt counts on Optimus to do the right thing and will oppose him strongly when he doesn't.

Rattrap: Like oil and heavy water. Silverbolt respects Rattrap's fighting ability but dislikes his constant insubordination and tomfoolery, not to mention Rattrap's incessant jokes (which he almost never gets and when he does, he doesn't find them funny). They work together as is needed, but are not likely to ever be the best of friends.

Cheetor: Silverbolt has filled the gap in Cheetor's core consciousness left by the disappearance of Tigatron. In essence he sees Cheetor as a little brother and enjoys going on missions with him.

Rhinox: Though Silverbolt does not spend a lot of time with Rhinox, he is undeniably impressed by the big guy. Both of them are rather philosophical in nature and it's very possible they could become better friends if they spent more time together.

BLACKARACHNIA: Though it is highly unusual for a Maximal and Predacon to have a relationship, Silverbolt is undeniably and somewhat haplessly attracted to the she-spider. He has "courted" her through a large part of season 2 and in season 3 actually convinces her to become a Maximal in training. She in turn is attracted to him, but will never admit it. From the moment he met her, Silverbolt's goal has been to turn Blackarachnia back to her Maximal roots. THIS will not be easy. For anyone.


Character Bio from package Tech Specs:
Shadows of mystery cloak this silent and proud warrior. Part wolf, part eagle, Silverbolt possesses all the attribute of a great lone warrior: speed, power, wisdom, intelligence. His uncanny ability to track and then furiously overcome Predacons by himself, only to suddenly disappear into the backdrop has inspired myths describing a fierce winged warrior who has come to defeat their evil ranks one by one. Preferring to work alone, Silverbolt is a ferociously intelligent fighter: extremely dexterous, he seems to be everywhere at once, striking with fearsome talons and firing hidden point missiles from his wings tips to ultimately surface victorious.

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Other toy appearances:

• Universe Legends Special Team Leaders 5-pack (Target exclusive - Razorclaw, Scattorshot, Silverbolt, Hun-Gurrr, and Autobot Hot Zone) (2008)
• Universe Robot Heroes Silverbolt vs. Megatron (G1) (2008)
• Universe Silverbolt (2008) (2008)

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