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Transformers Generation 1 Micromaster Combiner Battle Squad (Direct-Hit & Power Punch, Meltdown & Half-Track, Fireshot & Vanquish)

Function: Aerial Counterattack
Motto: "The higher they fly, the faster they'll fall."

Micromaster Battle Squad (Direct-Hit and Power Punch, Meltdown and Half-Track, Fireshot and Vanquish) in other sections:

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Micromaster Combiner Battle Squad (Direct-Hit & Power Punch, Meltdown & Half-Track, Fireshot & Vanquish):

Utilizing the Micromaster Combiner feature, each micro robot of the Decepticon Battle Squad has the ability to connact with other Micromaster Combiners to form powerful, devastating vehicles of destruction! The nucleus of the Decepticons's off-radar defense system. Banded together by a cybernetic compressor to ignite the stratosphere with a magnitude of firepower! Equipped with sophisticated, visual tracking devices for high-definition, target-lock capabilities! Usually to blame when Autobot space crafts suddenly disappear from radar. Able to annihlate anything within a three mile radius. When separated, take pop-shots at each other for sport. Combine to form an Armored Assault Vehicle, Blast Cannon Transport and High-Spy Jet. Direct-Hit = the front half of the light blue single-barreled laser cannon vehicle and Power Punch = the back half of the same vehicle Meltdown is the purple front half of the double barreled laser cannon vehicle and Half-Track the posterior half of this vehicle. Fireshot is the black front half of the stealth jet and Vanquish the back half.

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