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Transformers Generation 1 Sizzle (Sparkabot)

Function: Interceptor
Motto: Life in the fast lane is the only life worth living.
Alt mode: Hot Rod
Weapon: Flamethrower

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Profile, Abilities and Weaknesses description taken from The Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye, comic series published by Dreamwave Comics in 2003.

Bio: In his function as interceptor, as well as everything else in life, all rules and limits are meaningless to Sizzle. He'll speed, drive recklessly, and endanger himself (as well as others, inadvertently) just to get the job done and give him a rush while doing it. If he's not enjoying himself, Sizzle rapidly loses interest in anything, including his work. He constantly pushes the envelope to keep himself excited. His enjoyment of the hunt is only exceeded by his thirst for battle; if he's not speeding, then he's likely trying to slag some Decepticons with his flamethrowers or rifle. He gets into trouble more than almost any other Autobot, particularly when he whips an inebriated fizzle into a frenzy and the two tear of on some adventure.

Weapons/Abilities: Subject has above-average intelligence and endurance. IN vehicle mode, his maximum speed is 220 mph with a range of 550 miles. His exhaust ports in this mode can create searing flames; they are also useable in robot mode, where they are located in his arms.

Weaknesses: Subject has below average strength. His tendency to get into fights directly correlates to his constant need for repairs.

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