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Transformers Generation 1 Scoop (Targetmaster) with Tracer and Holepunch

Function: Field Infantry
Motto: Generosity has its own rewards.

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Note: original toy (robot mode) does not have red eyes. As a young and aspiring ~ Alterations~ artist, I wanted his eyes to be red, so I painted them. (Sorry!)

Profile, Abilities and Weaknesses description is from The Transformers profile published in Marvel Comics #61

Profile: Scoop is an Autobot of few words. He lets his actions do the talking. Respected by friend and foe alike for his gung-ho, never-say-die attitude, he rightfully deserves his reputation as the most capable, reliable Autobot warrior in a ground skirmish. Rather than pummeling his enemies into submission through the use of sheer force, he relies on his' cool-headed logic and vast knowledge of military strategy to outwit and defeat them. No matter how dangerous the situation he's in, he's never too busy to fend a helping shovel to a fellow Autobot. He's the kind of soldier you would want nearby if you were pinned down by Decepticon laser fire in a slag swamp and were running low on ammunition. Scoop would get you out of there and have the 'Cons firing at - each other before you could shift your gears.

Scoop is teamed with the Nebulans Tracer and Holepunch. Tracer was serving time in a prison on Nebulos - for a crime he committed as a youth and has regretted ever since. He volunteered for service with the Autobot Targetmasters to defend his world from the evil Scorponok and his band of power-hungry Decepticons as a way of repaying his debt to Nebulan society. He hopes that his good deeds with the Autobots will one day lead to an official pardon.

A former office manager for a water purification company on Nebulos, Holepunch enlisted with the Autobots as soon as the Decepticon threat to Nebulos materialized. "What's the sense of working to keep the water supply clean," he reasoned, "if these Decepticons wind up befouling the whole planet?!"

Abilities: Scoop can transform into a power shovel ground vehicle. Composed of a super-alloy devised by Quickmix, the shovel is impervious to all weapons fire short of a small nuclear explosion and is often used as a shield. It can lift up to 60 tons and smash through virtually any barrier. In. this mode, Scoop has a maximum speed of 80 mph and range of 200 miles. Tracer is bio-engineered to convert to a twin-barrelled ion blaster with a laser-targeting sight. Holepunch is bio-engineered to convert to a dual compression cannon. His concentrated blasts of air are powerful enough to shatter plate steel and knock a jet fighter out of the sky from a distance of two miles. Tracer and Holepunch combine to form a single weapon that retains the capabilities of both components. Scoop can wield Tracer and Holepunch in his robot and power shovel modes.

Weaknesses: Scoop is prone to overheating when using his shovel to lift too heavy a load for extended periods of time, resulting in complete, albeit temporary, systems shutdown. In combined weapons mode, the connections between Tracer and Holepunch sometimes misalign, which causes them to jam when fired.

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