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Transformers Generation 1 Tantrum (Predacon)

Function: Fueler
Motto: Anger gets me running better than any fuel.
Alt mode: Robot Bull

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Tantrum (Predacon):

Profile: Tantrum prefers using brute force and threats in situations in which reason would suffice. He's been known to knock a building down when all he had to do was turn a doorknob to get inside. He builds himself up into such overheated rages that steam puffs out of his nasal ducts. No one knows the source of Tantrum's chronic fits of anger, but his fellow Predacons suspect a fuel line in his cerebro-center isn't feeding properly into his logic circuitry, making him incapable of acting rationally for sustained periods. Everyone who's offered to help repair this problem has only succeeded in becoming another unfortunate victim of it. As Tantrum is fond of saying, "I don't like anyone messing around inside my head!" To dissipate his aggressive energies, Tantrum will usually attack objects like highway trestles and small buildings. He usually demolishes these structures with one blow, but always feels better after!

Abilities: Tantrum has four exterior fuel tanks, one mounted above each leg, in bull mode. He's able to carry a total of 1,600 gallons of energeon in these tanks for himself and his comrades. His normal range is 1200 miles but when his spare tanks are full, he can go an additional 8000 miles. Each of his horns can emit bolts of 20,000-volt electricity, often uncontrollably when Tantrum is angry. In robot mode, he uses a catalytic carbine, which shoots a stream of highly reactive chemicals that combine with whatever metals they hit to form new and usually very harmful alloys. He also has an electro-sword, which generates a powerful, often disabling electrical field that takes the form of a web of lightning-like strands of electricity. Tantrum combines with his fellow Predacons to form Predaking.

Weaknesses: Although heavily armored, Tantrum can suffer severe damage if one of his exterior fuel tanks is breached by artillery fire and blows up. His often volatile mental state makes him as much a menace to himself as anyone else.

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