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Transformers Generation 1 Swoop

Function: Bombardier
Motto: Fear can hit targets unreachable to bullets.
Alt mode: pteranodon

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Profile: Making a spectacular decent from the sky, Swoop watches with unhidden glee as his enemies scatter in terror before his looming presence.  And that's just the way he likes it because he knows fear is a more effective weapon than any equipment he carries. Fear is also his greatest friend. His ability to cause it in others is the sole comfort he derives from what’s generally considered the most horrifying form of the Dinobots. Even his comrades shy away form him. And that’s is Swoop’s tragedy. Four million years ago, when the Ark adapted his Autobot body to resemble that of a pterodactyl’s, he gladly accepted the disguise as his contribution to the Autobot cause. Little did he know back then that the good natured, kind mechanoid that he was-and still is-would be disguised as well.

Abilities: In flying mode, Swoop can soar up to 250mph. Under each wing he carries an air-to-air missile launcher. Each missile is the equivalent of 5,000 lbs. of TNT. Although the missiles have a range of 8 miles and are very accurate, swoop’s specialty is swooping down to low altitudes and releasing them virtually point blank at their targets, and then speeding away. In Autobot mode he can also use the launchers, as well as a thermal sword, which by heating up to temperatures of 4,000 degrees Centigrade, can slice through most materials by melting through them as it passes.

Weaknesses: Although he’s extremely maneuverable and has great endurance due to low fuel consumption, Swoop is vulnerable to enemy firepower due to the relatively fragile nature of his wings.

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