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Transformers Generation 1 Inferno

Function: Search and Rescue
Motto: Where there's smoke, there's me.
Alt mode: Fire Truck
Weapon: Fire hose and rocket launcher, various

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Profile: Inferno is a fearless Autobot who shows his bravado equally whether putting out fires or battling the Decepticons.  He relishes the attention he gets for saving lives and putting out fires whenever he has the chance. But it is the 'heat-of-battle' that really gets him going.   In fact, his desire to join his fellow Autobots in battle often distracts him from his duties of rescue and protection.  But when it's all said and done Inferno's intentions are always noble and Optimus Prime knows he can be counted on to do what's right.  Inferno's ability to smell out trouble and be in 'the right place at the right time' are of great value to his fellow Autobots and are often especially helpful to his closest friend, Red Alert.  Of Inferno, ole- 'Red' will say, "With friends like him, it's easy to be brave."

Abilities: Inferno is a strong 'bot who has the ability to lift entire building floors which may have collapsed from fire.  In such situations he is also resistant to most fires having been equipped with ceramic plated armored 'skin' which can withstand temperatures up to 8000 degrees Celsius.  He also carries an extinguisher rifle which shoots flame-surpressing foam or an energy damping laser which drains enemies of their energeon supply and gives a boost to Inferno.

Weakness: Inferno doesn't follow orders particularly well.  He'll often disregard instructions and charge into situations recklessly.  While his heat resistant armor keeps him safe in fires, it's in situations of battle with the Decepticons, which Inferno treats the same, which get him into trouble he often can't get himself out of.

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